Monthly Archives: August, 2018

New Intention

Hi there! It’s been awhile since I posted anything on this site. I’d like to change gears with this blog, site, spot, whatever it is … and focus posts around my experiences working in public libraries. My observations, ideas, random thoughts, thoughts that I rarely articulate to anyone … lucky you, you get to know what I really think!
I’m going to set an intention right now: capture some of that weird shit that goes down at work. Those moments serving the public or interacting with co-workers when I think, Bingo! That’d be great or Wow-za, that sucks or Please … really, this again.
In my life, I strive to actually see what I’m seeing. I want to pay close attention to the mundane happenings, bring them out into the light, find that maybe some of my experiences are hidden gems all covered up in the goo of the everyday. I’ll try and just tell it to you the way I would tell a friend. I think the best writing unfolds that way. So here it goes … let’s see what gets down here. More soon.